Cancun Hearts Atlante!

November 25, 2007 at 11:21 am | Posted in Cancun, Futbol | 2 Comments

Of course, I didn’t get to watch Atlante beat Cruz Azul live last night in the cuartos de finales, but we did watch it on TV.

 The commentators had a lot to say about how frisky the Cancunenses in the stands were, which made me swell with pride.  Cancun gets knocked a lot for not being a “real Mexican city,” whatever that is.  Yes, it was only created for tourism, and yes, the Hotel Zone looks like Miami, and yes, it lacks the stately colonial buildings and rich, bloody history that other parts of the country have in spades.

 But finally having its very own primera division futbol team seems to me to be a step towards defining itself and creating its own culture.  Cancun is a city of migrants from all over the country, who arrived with attachments to their home teams, and no team upon which to transfer that attachment.  But now there’s Atlante!

And now with the big-time stadium, Andres Quintana Roo, Cancunenses have something to cheer for collectively.  Cancun will always be looking out at the Caribbean and the tourists camped at hotels along the coast, but now there’s popular (as in, of the people, not famous) support for something tangible within city limits. 

With only 30-odd years of existence, Cancun has a long way to go in creating its unique culture, but I think Atlante (if they can keep them there) is a start.

Any other signs of Cancun creating something from within for its residents that you’ve noticed?



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  1. Cool! Muy buen tema, yo le voy al Puebla de corazón, a pesar de ser malisimos, ahora vel al Atlante como mi equipo a seguir.
    Ayer por la noche sentí padrísimo al ir a comprar cigarros a la tiendita de la esquina y escuchar a la gente gritar las porras, signo de que se comienza a aceptar que los Potros son de Cancún. Ya sabes es la emoción de algo que te gusta.

    ¡Arriba el Atlente! Que eliminó al Cruz Azul, uno de los preferidos de México.

  2. Ay, que chido! Me imagino que toda la ciudad esta encendida con las ganas a ver que llegue Atlante al final!

    Yo, por mi parte, tuve la oportunidad a gritar “culerooooooooooo” un par de veces anoche!

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