Harried by the Weather

December 3, 2007 at 8:25 pm | Posted in Life in the US, Quirks | 5 Comments

Getting a Mexican dude to understand what New England weather is like has been quite the challenge.

Here is a series of brief vignettes of our experience thus far:

  • When we were still in Cancun, I told Homeboy that Rhode Island is very cold and he’ll have to learn how to dress appropriately.  He responded: “No te preocupes, I’ll bring my sweatshirt.”
  • We went to my favorite beach from my childhood in August, and walked towards the water’s edge.  I told him to dip his toe in.  He did, and then screamed “A la verga” and ran away.  (I’m not going to translate that, but believe me when I say it’s vulgar)
  • Since September, Homeboy’s stock response to the question “How are you?” has been, “I’m cold.”
  • The dog has been quite odiferous, and Homeboy wants to hose him done as he did in August.  I told him that it’s too cold, and the dog may very well get sick and die if he gets bathed outside.  He (the husband, not the dog) asked me when it’d warm up enough to wash the smelly boy.  I responded, “Uh, in May.”  He doesn’t believe me.
  • The temp of our apartment holds steady at around 75 degrees, so Homeboy lounges about shirtless as he has his whole life.  I called him to the door to marvel at the dusting of snow, and he shambled on over, still shirtless.  I told him to get appropriate clothes, and he wrapped a blanket around his shoulders.  He lasted about 4 seconds, and then continued to marvel at the window, flanked by Mr. Puppers.

I could probably think of a few more, but have to run to pick him up from his English class.  I wonder if today is the day that he’ll start to wait in the vestibule rather than outside.



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  1. That’s hilarious. No concept of frigid cold pre-New England. Remember when “cold” was 70 degrees?

  2. LMAO! I was wondering how Homeboy would do with the weather. Hubby seems to think snow’s a delightful treat, I beg to differ.

    Have you bought him a parka yet? Have you tried on snowpants and boots? It’s just going to get worse, will he make it? Is there a vacation in Cancun in the near future? (I know, too many damned questions in this comment).

  3. Yep, 70 degrees was horrific! Putting on a sweater…the horrors.

    Canuck: He’s fine…he stays inside mostly. Actually, right now no one is really going outside. I showed him long underwear, and he’s upset that he has to wear silly little pants.

  4. Coming from someone who didn’t actually see the snow until she was thirty, you really can’t have any concept of how cold it’s going to be. And once I DID find out what 1 degree felt like, I decided that I would NEVER revisit it. Even the mountains here (which are only about 90 minutes away) only get to a pleasant 30 or so.


    Another friend of mine went to visit her husband studying at the University of Toronto for the first time years ago, and I believe a direct quote from her was, “20 degrees, below 20, how big of a difference could there really be?” My mom (from Chicago) tried to talk her into borrowing some winter clothes, but to no avail.

    Dolores cried so much from the cold that her tears froze to her eyelashes and she couldn’t blink.

    God bless warm weather!

  5. Great post. Very funny! I loved the part about telling him he had to wait until May. LOL.

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