Computerless and Bereft

December 10, 2007 at 10:16 am | Posted in Blogging, Internet | 4 Comments

I’ve been engaged in a battle of wills with Gateway for the last six months over the sorry state of my laptop.  I’ve been losing miserably.  I spent four hours on Thursday night on the phone with Gateway when I could have been: doing my lengthy homework for class, blogging, cooking and eating dinner, exercising (yeah, right), playing tug of war with Mr. Puppers, or watching 12 Corazones with Homeboy.  Instead, I spent it on the phone with Gateway tech support alternately whining, bitching, wheedling, and insulting the fine folks at this behemoth of uselessness.

Alas, I am computerless, hence the silence on the blogging front. 

But I’ve got things to share, and am looking forward to doing so on Orale, Pues once I have a computer that works!


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  1. I was wondering what was up with your radio silence. I thought perhaps you had been snowed under or run over by rampaging Xmas shoppers. Glad to hear it’s “just” a computer problem. Hope it’s sorted soon, I am missing your online presence!

  2. Well, I haven’t blogged either. But I have meant to text you and tell you that I am a complete jerk. He had snuck out with his friends (supposedly out for coffee) and bought me a bunch of presents on his own. So I ate crow because I acted like a jerk.

  3. Hopefully I’ll be back soon, Canuck!

    Steph: sorry, but that made me giggle. What Marco did was very sweet, and I hope you properly ate crow! 😉

  4. You guys like 12 Corazones, too? Edgar *loves* that show, and I like it. I just can’t stand la conductora – she gets on my damn nerves. But the show itself is cool!

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