Mr. Puppers Tears Shit Up

December 17, 2007 at 11:10 am | Posted in Life in the US, M.r Puppers | 7 Comments

For almost a year, Leo and I spent great weekend afternoons and balmy summer evenings playing and mingling at the Gano Street Dog Park.  He loved to sniff around the edges of the park on his own, and wasn’t terribly interested in playing with other dogs.  And he was so docile, I nicknamed him my “little sissy boy.”  In fact, he could barely make it to his favorite poop corner without getting humped along the way.  He’d get humped by little ankle-biters, gigantic dogs, female dogs, neutered male dogs.  Everyone wanted a piece of Leo.  Sometimes he’d be on the bottom of a doggie Conga line.  Sometimes he’d get one going behind him and another mounting his head.  He’d just stand there looking slightly befuddled and let them have their way with him. 

img024_0001.jpgI think one day he got fed up and snapped.  He’s still generally his docile, sissy-boy self.  But he has gotten agressive at the park and I don’t know why.  He especially seems to have it in for small, unneutered dogs with attitude problems.  He’ll pounce on them, growl, and look menacing.  I’ve no idea what triggers this, nor how to stop it. 

I’m not even pleased that the other dogs no longer regard him as their prison bitch, since I have to be hyper-vigilant and anticipate which dog will piss him off for no reason I can see and then head off a confrontation. 

Most of my dog park buddies have said that it’s useless to remove him from the park after he behaves badly because he just doesn’t get the causal relationship.  I buy that, but after an episode, I’m tense and made uncomfortable as the other dog owners glare at me for letting Cujo harm their little ball of furry perfection. 

How I miss those idyllic summer afternoons sucking down Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee, chain-smoking, and gossiping with whomever shows up while Leo romps and plays and sniffs butts.  And it’s even more distressing now that Homeboy is in America and he can come along to watch his paisanos play soccer in the adjacent field every weekend, gleefully shouting obscentities at the referees. 

How I wish that Leo could just chill the fuck out and stop being so hardcore and just hang out and get mounted like he used to.



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  1. this sounds like a pretty accurate description of my attitude lately 🙂

  2. Which? Getting mounted constantly or acting like Cujo? 😉

  3. acting like cujo. Definitely NO mounting going on.

  4. Do you think it’s Homeboy’s super Mexican Macho testosterone in the house that has affected Mr. Puppers? 😉

    And he did go quite some time having you all to himself, perhaps having a husband in the house has brought out some anxieties in him.

  5. You know, this actually started way before daddy arrived!

  6. I’m sorry, I know this is serious and a very real issue for you, but “Sometimes he’d get one going behind him and another mounting his head. He’d just stand there looking slightly befuddled and let them have their way with him.” flipping cracked me up. I’m still laughing. I don’t know how to solve your problem, I can’t get the cats to quit throwing up all over the bathroom rug for God’s sake, but I’ve been working an awful lot of hours lately and I am not sure I will be able to get that particular visual of poor Mr. Puppers out of my head. Um, seriously, I hope you can find some sort of solution.

    Yeah, still laughing. Sorry.

  7. Leo gets laughed at a lot, but it’s all in good fun. Except for when I put the pink tank top on him and then pointed and laughed. That wasn’t good fun, but cruelty.

    Sory about the pukey rugs…my only thought is that they’re but wee ones….and they’ll grow out of it. Right? Maybe?

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