Prison Break, Cancun Style

December 27, 2007 at 5:10 pm | Posted in Cancun, Village Life, Weirdness | 4 Comments

I was flipping through my journal last night, and found a couple of references to the prison break that happened in Cancun almost exactly a year ago.  Convicts escaping in Cancun isn’t a particularly rare occurrence, but this time upwards of 100 escaped after a supposed riot.  The chisme-vine said that the padrino of the prison was to be transfered elsewhere, and the inmates got their panties in a wad, rioted, and some made a run for it.

When we got home from Canuck’s house on Xmas Eve, the neighbors had put a thick chain around the front gate at the entrance of the apartment building.  Of course, we had no key for it, so we had to jump over a five foot wall to get in.

My sister-in-law returned from the village with some news: some of the convicts had arrived on foot in Chichimila, a two hour drive from Cancun, and spent the night whooping it up with the town drunks and some Chac Pol (what Mayans call aguardiente). 

A couple escapees also wandered on over to Homeboy’s family’s store looking for food.  His mom didn’t have anything tasty for them there, so she told them to follow her home and she fed them at the house. 

Homeboy had to call his mom to yell at her for bringing escaped prisoners into the house.  Her response was: “I didn’t know that they were escaped convicts.  They were hungry, and I had food.  So I gave it to them.”

So simple, eh?



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  1. I remember that!I also remember the pics of the convicts on the roof of the prison holding up signs saying stuff about “El Padrino”.

    Thank god nothing happened to her!!! Poor mamma was just trying to help a hungry man out! lol

  2. I’m glad you remember similar info, Elizabeth! I wouldn’t have been surprised if my memory was faulty!

  3. I actually have friends who knew one of the people who escaped that day, a gringo. Don’t know if he eventually made it to where he was headed.

  4. Ooh…that’s a good story, Heather! Never thought too much about the gringos in that prison!

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