Bizarre Elevator Interlude

January 4, 2008 at 6:56 pm | Posted in Life in the US, The Bucket, Weirdness | 8 Comments

Yesterday I got on the elevator at the Pawtucket Visitor Center to go up to my office. 

A slight middle-aged woman was already on the elevator, and greeted me with a Happy New Year.

After the doors closed, she softly said “Jesus is coming.”  I didn’t know quite how to respond to that, so I just plastered a big grin on my face as I normally do when flummoxed.

She asked if I had heard her, and I said that I had.

Jesus lady then repeated that Jesus was coming, and I replied, “Um, great!!,” silly grin still in place. 

She then told me: “Be prepared.”  Um, okey dokey.  No prob.  Luckily I only had to go up one floor, so this line of chat didn’t continue.

I never know how to respond to the Jesus pushers, especially when it comes out of nowhere, fast and furious.

If they try to engage me in a long discussion of my soul’s salvation, I can generally head it off.  It’s just fine with me that Jesus pushers go off feeling that I’m destined to burn in hell because I’m not born again.  

And on a similar note, I’ve noticed that Pawtucket and CF are swarming with freshly scrubbed young Mormon boys lately.  Everywhere I go I see another pair.  Or it could be the same pair of kids who cover a lot of ground.  They all look the same to me, so I’m not sure.



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  1. Loaves…check. Fishes…check. Water for Him to turn into wine…check.

    I think I’m prepared for His coming. Did I miss anything?

  2. I guess you have to give it to her for having the nads to spread her message about. I wonder how many people just rail into her when she tries? I wonder why it is the Jesus-types that have absolutely no fear of repercussions in giving everyone else their theory/opinion. Imagine getting in an elevator and saying “Funions are the best snack EVER. Be prepared to never look at a Dorito again.”

  3. You mean talking about Funyuns in an elevator ISN’T normal etiquette? Crap.

  4. Ay, Joyce…that was FUNNY!

    And it seems that Heather is lucky that elevators aren’t common place in Playa…sounds like she’d be prostelityzing about Funions!!

  5. Here’s something totally off topic that I thought you might appreciate. I think it’s an English language learner type of thing.

    A few days ago I was standing in my room in my undies, and there was a knock at the door. Me, being an English speaker by nature, said “wait.” The person knocking, a totally non-English speaker, ie Marco’s dad, took it to mean, “come on in,” and did so.

    Ah, English and it’s many interpretations.

  6. The nice thing about being whitey here in Cancun is when the bible thumpers come round (as they are wont to do), I can pull out my American accent and loudly say “No habla Mexican”. 😉

  7. LOL – this post and the comments are great!

  8. Proper response: I know. I’m bringing donuts.

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