Can I See A Badge, Please?

March 16, 2008 at 12:27 pm | Posted in Life in the US, The Bucket | 3 Comments

A while back, I posted about my abiding love for Cops.  This love grows stronger every day, and I stil can’t get enough.  Below I share with you a few bits of wisdom gleaned from my viewings:

6 Things I’ve Learned fron Watching Cops

1.  I never want to hear the words, “Police, open up!” directed at me.

2.  Crack is most definitely whack.  As is crystal meth.

3.  Resisting arrest definitely pisses off the cops, but certainly is entertaining!

4.  The majority of people driving around, looking to purchase crack rock have a “friend” sitting shotgun.  That “friend” is not a prostitute, but rather simply a woman the driver picked up on the street corner a couple of hours beforehand.

5.  You can deny that backpack in the trunk is yours all you want, but if the cops find a crack pipe and your wallet with I.D. in it, they’re not going to believe you.

6.  Brillo pads aren’t only useful for scrubbing in the kitchen.

Now, these items may seem elementary, but trust me when I say that it took me approximately 137 episodes of Cops to come with these. 

And check out number one again.  Guess how we got woken up one morning last week?

I thought I heard someone knocking, but Mr. Puppers didn’t bark or get up, so I thought nothing of it.  Then they started banging on the door, so I got up to have a looksie through the peephole.  Just as I did that, one of the men started really banging on the door.  I yelled back for them to stop, and guess what he screamed!

“Police, open up NOW!” 

Turns out they were looking for the baby’s daddy of one of my neighbors.  The same baby’s daddy who I called the cops on a month ago for beating her up on a Sunday morning. 

Before leaving, one of the plain-clothesed cops told me that I should put on something warmer as it’s cold out (I had thrown my vest over my tank top in my rush to open the door).  I reminded him that I had been in a hurry as he had been banging on the door, screaming that he was a police officer.

Pinche chota.



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  1. A long time ago, (when I was younger, thinner and much hotter) I was getting ready for work, my oldest daughter came and said, someone is knocking at the door. I replied that I was busy, so she would need to tell them to come back some other time. She and her sister looked at me kinda weird,and said “Mommy, it’s the police”.Without thinking, I rushed to the door, the officer looked at me, then while carefully keeping his eyes directly on mine, told me that someone had been calling 911 from my phone, apparently while I was in the shower, since I had answered the door in just a towel. My daughters fessed up, and the officer, who really was quite young, explained the gravity of the situation to them. Told me good bye, all the time blushing immensely.

  2. Did the poli check your neighbor’s apartment (where they actually live) before pounding on your door? Cause, you know, the guy they were looking for wouldn’t have been tipped off by all the commotion and then been able to silently escape through the woods or anything. Sheesh.

  3. Ooh…Theresa, that’s a good one! I bet you could still make a cop blush, though. 🙂

    Monica…I think that they actually tried to get in the back door but it was locked. Dumb asses.

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