Who’s the Dumbass Now?

April 15, 2008 at 11:17 am | Posted in Self | 7 Comments

I was just teasing Homeboy the other day about how I’m surprised he’s held on to his wedding ring for so long.  He promised that he wouldn’t lose it as the only place he takes it off is in the bathroom. 

Guess who’s got a naked left ring finger now? 

Crap, crap, crap.

I realized it when I went to give a smoke to Home Confinement Boy across the street.  No way I would find it if I lost it crossing Payne Park.  Not if I accidentally flushed it down the toilet.

Crap, crap, crap.



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  1. Oh no!!!! Oy, what a panic, I would be freaking. Any chance you can replace it before he notices? He is a man after all, might take him a while….

  2. My husband’s ring won’t come off without a lot of grease, so he doesn’t take it off. And I leave mine on 100% of the time too.

    I took it off once and threw it at him, but then later I just had to find where it landed under the bed (because I missed), it was not worth it. Next time I get mad I’ll just plan to sell it instead of going to the trouble of taking it off.

  3. My finger feels so naked! Homeboy was briefly irked, but then didn’t mention it again. It was a very inexpensive band, but it’s just the fact that I lost it that irritates me.

    Rivergirl: I love the drama of whipping a ring off and throwing it at someone! But I guess if you got to the point of wanting to sell it, that might be more satisfying.

  4. that makes two of us.

    and mine was Marco’s mom’s. I feel sick just thinking about it.

    and my finger feels totally naked, even though it’s been several months 😦

  5. Seeing as though my husband and I are both total disasters, and we lose everything important and save everything that should get junked, when we got married I told him I would never be mad at him for losing his wedding ring, but he had to promise not to be mad at me for losing mine. Lately I see him taking it off and twirling it like a top on the table, and I tell him to put it back on, it makes me think he´s contemplating his marriage. About every 5 days I go, Oh crap, where did I leave it now?

  6. Some time after I got divorced I needed money, so I went to pawn my wedding ring. They only give you 10% of it’s value if you pawn it! I didn’t do it, I decided to keep it and give it to my kid. It got stolen, I should of pawned it.
    Maybe it will still turn up, have you looked in all the odd places?

  7. It did turn up! Can’t quite figure out why or when I took it off, but my finger feels much better now.

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