Don’t Show Butts, Boobs, or Bellies

May 14, 2008 at 6:34 pm | Posted in The Bucket, Weirdness, Working | 3 Comments

I was expecting 25 to 25 kids aged 14 and 15 today for a job readiness training.  I was also expecting the instructor.  Alas, she calls me two hours beforehand to tell me that she has a dental emergency and can’t give the workshop.  Awesome.  That’s exactly what I wanted to do today is teach a group of kids how to act at their summer jobs.

I haven’t dealt with this age group in a classroom setting for about four years, and only taught adolescents under extreme duress.  Basically, the school I worked for in Cancun said that if I wasn’t willing to teach them, I wouldn’t have a job.  I dreaded those two hours every day.  But the thing was, I was actually really good at it.  Had I been bad at it, it would have been reflected in my class evaluations, and eventually they would have stopped giving me those groups. 

Luckily today I had help in pulling this together since we just hired on someone to assist with youth programming.  And we ran the class together, which was a nice break from being the only one up there.  It was kind of like riding a bike…I remembered how to act, how to joke around with them.  So it was kind of fun.  Not that I want to repeat it.

And the title of this post comes from our Dos and Don’t at an interview list.  The woman who facilitated with me had come up with that for her own job readiness workshops.  So just say no to the three B’s when you’re looking for work!



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  1. I like it, the three B’s. I take it they’re not getting stripper jobs then, cause then that would be just plain old bad advice.

    You are an excellent teacher and those kids are lucky to have you.

  2. Hell, how would I ever get a job if I covered up the three Bs?

  3. Apparently lots of people google butts, bellies, and boobs or some combo thereof, as that’s what’s being appearing as search terms!

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