Tips and Tricks for Repurposing Household Items

May 16, 2008 at 12:03 pm | Posted in Quirks, Self | 3 Comments

I don’t actually have any tips or tricks for repurposing household items.  I just absolutely hate the phrase “tips and tricks” and the word “repurpose.”  They seriously grate on my nerves. 

The word repurpose must have appeared 17 times in the last issue of Real Simple.  This magazine is ostensibly geared towards simplifying one’s life.  But the actual target demographic is women who have so much crap that they need more crap to help them streamline the crap they already have.

Example: one of their super duper tips concerned how to keep extension cords organized and untangled.  They suggested placing the coiled cords in plastic buckets.

There are a few assumptions made here:

a) that I have extra buckets that aren’t already in use or used for specific purposes like washing the floor.

b) that I have extension cords that aren’t already plugged into the wall.

c) that I have a place to store my buckets which hold all my extra extension cords.

None of these assumptions is correct.  I do believe that I am not their target demographic.  But the pictures in the magazine sure are pretty.  Perhaps I should repurpose the magazines and start a decoupage project.



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  1. Yay funny Gabatcha! Glad to see you up to your old tricks. Ok, maybe I have been in Mexico too long, but I have not heard the word “repurposing”. I just googled it and got FAR too many responses. Apparently, you can even repurpose yourself. Errr, aren’t I just here to please my masters? 😉

  2. I have to laugh, it’s like the fancy magazines that show you how to make stuff look worn, using special (ie expensive) products like crackle paint (you can use white glue for the same effect) or special decoupage glue (ditto use white glue).
    Really and then what do you do when you need a bucket?
    I do like the WW2 motto, “Use it up, wear it out, make due”! much better way to live.

  3. You know what word I hate…”dilly.” Like when you’re reading a recipe and it’s called “Dilly Dip” or whatever. I will never, ever make a recipe that is called “dilly” anything. Even though I LOVE dill.

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