I Think We’re Done. There’s No More Lube.

May 30, 2008 at 3:41 pm | Posted in The Bucket, Weirdness, Working | Leave a comment

My workplace has turned into a veritable condom fest for a few weeks now.  The kids who have court-ordered community service have been putting together condom/lube packets to be given out as part of AIDS Care Ocean State’s street outreach. 

Some condom-related fun we’ve had:

  • I opened a tricolored one and found out that it looked like the Mexican flag!
  • One girl shoved a chocolate one under my nose and asked me to smell it.
  • My coworker and I opened a Cola flavored one to see what it smelled and tasted like (not good).
  • One of my clients (no community service required) cut school to come here with his suspended friend (who has several required hours to do) and make condom packets.  I got on his case for cutting class again and he responded (while sticking lube into a little baggie) “At least I’m not out smoking weed!”
  • An innocent, sweet 16 year old (with lots of community service hours) asked what the lube was for.
  • The word is out in the neighborhood that we are a condom distribution site (we don’t give them out, we just pass the finished packets on to AIDS Care).
  • Several people have announced “I need like a hundred.  That should last me the weekend.  Maybe.”  (This joke is getting old)

The fun has effectively been suspended until we get more flavored condoms (mint, banana, chocolate, cherry, cola, vanilla, and strawberry).  And more lube.  We just ran out.


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