My Conversational Obsession

May 30, 2008 at 12:09 pm | Posted in Life in the US, Weirdness | 6 Comments

All I’ve wanted to do lately is talk about mullets and I get very excited when someone else is engaged in this topic.  After several mullet-related convos yesterday, I attempted to continue this conversational thread with Homeboy.  He was so not having it, and it made me sad.

Three mullet themes and questions that I could go on about forever are:

  • sharing stories of exceptional mullets (Gheri-curled, long and glossy, feathered, etc) that people have seen.
  • wondering what the thought process is for someone to arrive at the decision to rock a mullet.
  • wondering what it’s like to live life wearing the “business in the front, party in the back.”

The only reason I wish I had a camera phone is to capture examples of extraordinary mulletry that I see out and about. 



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  1. I especially love the mullet families, dad, son and mom sporting the do that should die. Thank the goddess we only ever see them if we go to the hotel zone here. Please oh please get a camera, I need to see the world through Gabatcha’s eyes!

  2. Another question: what would it be like to either a)fall in love with a mullethead or b) fall in love with someone with normal hair who then decided to sport one.

  3. Have you Googled for “mullet?” There’s a lot to find. You are not the only one who is obsessed.

  4. Actually, I have..there are some amazing photo galleries out there!

  5. The mullet is why my hair is long now. I live in fear of getting my hair cut and ending up with a mullet. It happened when I got it cut here (in Mexico) and don’t want another. I just keep putting it up or putting it into a braid.

  6. I’ve tried to explain to Fermin why mullets are funny at least five times. And every time I am disappointed by a blank stare. Some things just can’t overcome the cultural barrier I guess.

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