Pawtucket Po Po Rock My World

July 21, 2008 at 7:55 pm | Posted in The Bucket | 4 Comments

One of the fine patrolmen charged with the noble mission of “serving and protecting” called me a little bitch today!

I was chatting with a kid who is doing community service with us outside work today about doing the paperwork to start his GED when a cop yelled out his window, “I thought you were doing your community service.”  We both yelled back that he is.

Later, a frequent visitor to the center who was talking to the cops told me that one said “That kid’s a scumbag and that little bitch is covering for him.”

Nice.  No wonder why everyone hates you, Pawtucket PD.



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  1. Niiice. Being called a bitch by a cop. That´s so R-rated movie.

  2. Niiiice, you must be doing your job if you are pissing off the cops, lol! Rock on biatch! Down with pigs!

  3. The CF police aren’t much better. I am ashamed to admit that I accidentally hit some poor kid on his bicycle a few years ago. When the police arrived, they told me I was “all set”. They then proceeded to harass the bicyclist for identification!

  4. My favorite high ranking officer is “on it.” Swoon! He’s old enough to be my father, yet I flirt with him relentlessly…how embarrassing is that?

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