Paint Store Guy Comes Back Into My Life

August 10, 2008 at 12:39 pm | Posted in Cancun, M.r Puppers, Weirdness | 2 Comments

Five years ago, Mr. Puppers came to us when we lived right over a paint store on Avenida Palenque in Cancun.  The parents of a student brought him to me where I worked when he was about two months old.  And he was a skinny little thing that I could carry in my arms.

I took him home in a taxi for the first time and when we got out, the owner of the paint store called me over and told me that he hoped that this wasn’t a permanent addition to my apartment.  I assured him that it wasn’t, and that I was just dog-sitting for someone. 

The owner of the paint store bitched and moaned for the next year about Mr. Puppers’ barking.  No big deal, I just ignored him the best I could.

I haven’t thought about this man in years.  Last night, as I brought up one of my favorite topics of conversation (whether Mr. Puppers prefers America or Mexico), Homeboy reminded me of how much the paint-store guy hated Mr. Puppers.  Apparently when I wasn’t home, he’d come bang on our apartment door and Homeboy wouldn’t answer.  Then Homeboy and Mr. Puppers would go out to play in the park and paint-store guy would glare at them. 

Not a terribly interesting conversation, of course.  But later that night, I was in bed reading and Homeboy was watching Atlante play soccer in Cancun.  He comes into the bedroom screaming, “Paint-store guy! Remember paint store guy?”  Um, yes, we just talked at length about paint-store guy.

“Well, I just saw paint-store guy on TV at the game!  He had an Atlante shirt on and was cheering!”

How random.


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  1. Totally not random at all! That’s the thing about Cancun. Negative 6 degrees of separation. lol.

  2. That is crazy!

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