Knowledge is Power in Payne Park

August 17, 2008 at 11:04 pm | Posted in Life in the US, The Bucket, Working | 3 Comments

What a flippin’ fantastic day!  After only a month of chaotic, hurried planning (for those of you who don’t know about planning events, people usually spend 6 to 8 months planning a block party), we managed to pull it off.  “Knowledge is Power” was to commemorate those who have been killed violently in Pawtucket and CF and bring the neighborhood together in a nonviolent, positive setting. 

There were about 500 people and miraculously enough food to feed them all!  The Cape Verdean ladies ran a kick-butt kitchen and I am still in awe of them.  Spoken word, hip hop music, two dance groups (CV Dream Team and Victorious from Brockton), a frickin’ adorable seven-year-old musician with dreads, and a candlelight vigil for those who are gone.

I am blown away by how peaceful, happy, and helpful everyone was.  No fights, no beef, nothing.  Clean-up was a dream, and I was amazed to see all our kids pitching in.  The same guys who sit in the park, sell drugs, and mouth off to the cops were the ones with trash bags picking up plates and water bottles and moving tables inside. 

Three of the cutest booty-shakers ever

Three of the cutest booty-shakers ever


Food line

Food line


The Grill Master (400 burgers and 400 hotdogs)

The Grill Master (400 burgers and 400 hotdogs)


Hanging Out

Hanging Out


Dakarai Dancing

Dakarai Dancing


Victorious from Brockton

Victorious from Brockton

Alvaro, Paris, Melissa, and Jenny

Alvaro, Paris, Melissa, and Jenny

In Memory (Hell Boi Throwing Signs)

In Memory



You can't look hard while drinking a fruit punch juice box

Trying to look hard with a juice box


Dancing with the lil' one

Dancing with the lil' one


Candlelight Vigil

Candlelight Vigil


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  1. Wow, great job Mel! Looks like a fab day was had by all. I have to admit, I teared up looking at the photos of those who have been lost, so sad, but how wonderful to see the community come together.

  2. Thanks for posting that. Was touching and pretty cool that you were a part of it.

  3. The JAYCEES are very pleased to have presented to Ms. Melissa DeRosa, as the Capeverdian community recipient, the 2nd annual JAYCEE Community Cultural Civic Awards (CCC-A). The nomination of Melissa was provided through the kind graces of Ms. Blair-Victoria Dutra), of the Woodlawn Community Development Corporation in Pawtucket.

    The JAYCEES are humbly proud to be the leading communal leaders in recognizing outstanding ethnic leaders in demonstrating their respect and admiration of their national heritage and ethnic mores in America.

    Please join the JAYCEES for their Open Space Program: —>

    P U B L I C S E R V I C E A N N O U N C E M E N T

    Attn: ~ Community Associates of Rhode Island ~

    The JAYCEES of Kent County invite you to their


    Saturday May 2nd , 2009

    { Rain Date: Saturday May 3 rd }

    10:am – 2:pm

    100 flowers will be planted to memorialize the Station Nightclub Fire Victims

    Armed Forces Personnel Honor Service Conducted

    9/11 Remembrance P E A C E Ceremony

    Tree City/USA Community Designation

    General landscape activities, trail walking & community socializing

    The JAYCEE CORRIDOR & ARBORETUM will be the site for this event

    that forms the portal entrance to the senator Roch RIVERWALK

    — intersection of Hay and Providence Streets at Rts. 115w/33 —

    ( along the West Bay Bike Path )

    Contact Information (401) 828-9191


    ” Bring Your Favorite Garden Tool!”

    T H A N K Y O U ! T H A N K Y O U ! T H A N K Y O U !

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