Associated “Content Producer” Delete-Happy with Reader Comments

February 8, 2009 at 8:57 pm | Posted in Cancun, Internet | 11 Comments

Mexico’s drug carteles are no joke.  Neither is President Felipe Calderon as he attempts to hire the best and brightest to combat the horrifyingly violent and incredibly pissed off elements of organized crime throughout Mexico.  It’s sickening how quickly the narcotraficantes pick off Calderon’s appointed crime fighters, often within days of starting the job.  The most recent assassination occurred in Cancun, where Retired General Mauro Enrique Tello Quinonez was found mutilated alongside his aide/bodyguard and driver. 

But what I find sickening is Julia Bodeeb’s assertion in an article she wrote for Associated Content (and which is subsequently being reposted around the Internet) that tourists should stay far, far away from Cancun:

 If you are looking for a lovely beach vacation, I would recommend you avoid Cancun.  It does not seem therisk with organized crime murdering so many people.  Find a safer place to vacation at.  Cancun, Mexico needs to solve their violent crime problem before tourists return there. 

To read the entire “article,” click here.

I will leave the grammatical errors, torturous syntax, and accidentally omitted words for another tirade.  But this is clearly an opinion piece, no?  And Associated Content allows for comments.  One would think that such a strong editorial, urging tourists to stay far away from Cancun (and indeed the entire country) would be followed by a rousing dialogue on whether such an extreme stance is warranted.  Alas, this is not the case, as the author of this article, Julia Bodeeb chose to continually delete comments that respectfully disagreed with her position. 

Several members of the Cancun Care forum attempted to post in response to her article.  Their comments were almost immediately deleted.  None used profanity, all were respectful, and all were immediately deleted.  Julia Bodeeb then posted a link to a site which discussed accidental deaths in Cancun over the last few years.

One intrepid Cancun lover, Vegas, wrote directly to that siren of journalistic integrity, asking what her problem is and why she is not allowing any discussion about her article if the comments disagree with her position.

Julia Bodeeb’s response? It’s a good one, and one that Vegas posted for us all to marvel at:


Another Content Producer, Julia Bodeeb, has sent you the following message on Associated Content:

When you are a writer here feel free to expect your comments to stay.  otherwise, you blow.

Julia Bodeeb, are you really a writer?  Because, despite the great publications you seem to have been published in, it seems that you are missing the point of what good Internet writing does.  It provokes thought.  It engages people so that they want to respond.  It starts a conversation, especially when the platform for a conversation is right there in the form of a comment box.  It brings to light different opinions that may even enable the original writer to re-examine her original position.

But Julia, why do you keep deleting comments?  What do you know about Mexico beyond what you’ve read on CNN?  Is it possible that you are so uninformed about the incredible complexity of Cancun that you are threatened by those who possess more knowledge about this dynamic city of almost one million?  Is that why you refuse to engage with them?

And why, oh why, would a freelance writer, one whose Internet reputation is their bread and butter, tell someone “you blow.”  Fo’ real? 

Perhaps you should stick to articles like your Gift in a Jar Ideas for Valentine’s Day.  You TOTALLY rocked that one!

But we all still really want to know: Julia Bodeeb, have you ever even been to Cancun?

To the Cancun Care community: feel free to post here your comments that were deleted from her article.  I promise not to make them disappear.  Unless, of course, you tell me I blow.  But I know you’re all too classy to say that!


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  2. So, apparently she got the point and is having it out w/ CancunCanuck aka Vegas. She’s a classy one, eh?

  3. Yep, sure is, Frymaster. Funny thing is, I’ve been close friends with Cancun Canuck for about three years and she is not Vegas. That’s not how she rolls.

  4. Thanks for the kind words. I enjoy your writing. And good for you for defending Mexico against the incessant onslaught of fallacious accusations from “writers” who promote fear and loathing from thousands of miles away, especially those who live in perpetual glass castles in crime free majestic oases like New Jersey. She can certainly enjoy the Jersey Shore instead of risking a bloodbath south of the border. Bohemian Butterflies was sort of salacious satire–though I’m sure some latent truths live in my exaggerations. Either way, I’m locking myself in the house and never leaving again.

  5. I left a comment on her article too. This Julia Bodeeb is living proof that 99.99% of freelance writers have absolutely no literary talents whatsoever, especially with the English language.

  6. Ms. Bodeeb erased my comment.

  7. Are you surprised, Mr. Dexter? Could it be jealousy? I mean, I certainly don’t see you needing to write for Associated Content. My, that’s snarky, no? But just sayin’…

  8. I would be surprised if the Associated Content gods do not soon delete my new comment. I don’t know how much they pay per article ($5?) but her article sounds like it was written by an English student. I fear a lot of freelance writers do it only for the money, not the language, prose, or even leaving a beautiful message. I never post comments–and between this and freelance writing gigs–I feel a little bit sickened. I apologize for clogging up your blog; feel free to delete my comments…I don’t know why my face is projected on this stupid icon or how to change it, but Thank You Baby Jesus piece is pure entertainment.

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  10. oh wow wordpress will not let me delete comments? (This is the only place I’ve ever left comments.) Anyway, I was just trying to delete my comments because I don’t want them coming up on a search engine of her name (I guess I want to be delete-happy too now:), anyway I didn’t know comments were permanent on blogs but considering this is not an article and I am at this moment no more a famous best-selling author than Ms. Bodawhateverherenameis, I hope you can just delete my insensitive previous comments here so I can only spread good positive karma and vibrations about other writers (even if Ms. Bodeeobo is not the most fantastic writer in the world)…Thanks 🙂 Thanks so much; for what it’s worth I enjoyed your blog and hope you will continue posting…and I don’t even read blogs but I kept interested…the Christmas short story was wonderful and I wish you much happy writing. You are a talented creative writer. I feel that all that freelance writing only for money and not the prose or art or fame just perpetuates bad writers like that lady. (And all those famous freelance writing blogs are only making it harder for freelancers to get paid greater rates.) Anyway, I wonder what idiopathic hysteria this crazy aforementioned lady is perpetuating with the Swine Flu paranoia in the wake of H1N1? 🙂

    Thanks again my fellow Mexican friend.
    Saludos y salud,
    Cordially, Don Mateo aka Matthew Dexter de Los Cabos

  11. Estimada Gabacha Yucateca (beautiful name, by the way), I really apreciate the way you talk about México. If only more people would spend some time to walk the cities and learn from actual living and not just reading the red press notes, which many times are just repetitions without substance, I believe they would love my country as much as you do. It is true there are problems, but anywhere in the world violence happens, and sometimes a lot more bizarre. These are criminals into a territorial fight (and they are all losing anyway), but when you hear of kids shooting their classmates, women being stoned to dead over religion practices, sorry but in México we say: En todos lados se cuecen habas. Keep on the good writing, I discovered your blog by chance, but I believe it was meant to be. Vale.

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